Avoiding air-duct And Vent Cleaning is Unattractive For Business: Part Two

25 Jul 2019 11:06

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This is PART 2 of larger post. If you want to what Smart Release Technology is, please read ?Is Smart Release Technology Right for Your Cooling Towers? PART 1??In PART 1, we discussed what Smart Release Technology for cooling towers is and how it works. Now we can discuss the many benefits of a water treatment program that uses Smart Release Technology over a traditional liquid program.Why Do I Care if My Water Treatment Company Uses Smart Release Technology or Not?black-silver-polymer-clay-pendant-necklace-on-cord-georgia-p-designs-4.jpg Many people do not realize that Clarity Water Technologies is not only one of best industrial water treatment companies in New York, but we are also a very busy cooling tower cleaning company in New York City; so we see a LOT of cooling towers. It still makes us scratch our heads when we see a cooling tower without proper treatment; but it does happen more than you would think. When we would ask why a facility wasn't treating their tower, many times it was because they didn't want to deal with the hazardous aspects liquid chemistry. We immediately saw that their was a need for a better way. More and more commercial and industrial facilities are looking for environmetally-friendly, green water treatment options. When we developed our EcoSafe Solid Feed System, we wanted to make sure that we could provide the ergonomic benefits of solid chemistry with the precision and results of liquid chemistry, that would still be safer for the environment. Smart Release was the perfect solution. Because EcoSafe is powered by Smart Release?, the benefits that we can offer to our customers are staggering. Here are just some of them:EcoSafe Water Treatment Products powered by Smart Release? can reduce the carbon footprint of a traditional liquid water treatment program by over 75%!Products that use Smart Release Technology are safer than traditional liquid chemicals. FACT: When held in the palm of your hand, EcoSafe Corrosion Inhibitors are safer than Aspirin. Not only are Smart Release chemicals safer in general, but because they are dry chemicals, there is no way that someone could ever mistake our Smart Release EcoSafe products for a liquid cleaner or detergent. Liquid biocides are often shipped in the same types of drums and pails as liquid window cleaners. It is not impossible for a Facility Maintenance person to accidentally fill their cleaning bottle with the wrong chemical. The result of this could be devastating.Shipping Smart Release products is less expensive and better for our environment. There is no water being shipped which means they are lighter and require less fuel to be burned in the shipping process. (YES, amount of fuel required to deliver a product to a facility does factor into a water treatment program?s overall carbon footprint.) This also means that there is a substantial reduction in the amount of plastics that need to be produced to hold the liquid. But the real plus here is ease of handling. What would you rather carry? Four 40lb containers filled with liquid, or one 25lb cardboard box filled with EcoSafe? They?ll both treat the same amount of cooling water?There is no pale or drum disposal with Smart Release? tablets. When the chemical is exhausted after 30 days, the empty tablet ?skins?? that are left behind can be thrown directly into the trash. The completely hands-off packaging of our EcoSafe System?s Smart Release? biocides eliminates the potential for human contact with biocide.A water treatment program that uses Smart Release Technology is going to benefit from consistent chemical release over time. As long as a cooling system is operational and water is running through our EcoSafe Solid Feed System for Cooling Towers, the system water is being treated.Unlike traditional liquid chemistries which require stabilizers to keep raw materials in solution, Smart Release allows chemical concentration to be at least 97% active as the salts. Using a Smart Release water treatment helps eliminate the discharge of harmful chemicals into waterways.Because our EcoSafe System uses Smart Release? Technology, it gives our customers the opportunity to Go Green. There are no container disposal issues, our products are shipped as non-hazardous chemical in recyclable cardboard packaging (lower carbon footprint), it uses no additional electricity and it could qualify a building for additional points LEED certification.Smart Release saves space. An EcoSafe Solid Feed System for Cooling Towers powered by Smart Release takes up much less space than a comparable liquid water treatment program with equal or better results.Are There Smart Release Products for Boilers?We do not know of any Smart Release? Technology based products for boilers that are available at this time. However, we do have our research and development team exploring the possibilities. The major challenge with creating an EcoSafe product for boilers powered by Smart Release has to do with the Smart Release polymer coating and how it reacts to high temperature. In a high heat environment the polymer coating degrades and there the prolonged release rate cannot be maintained. There are also issues that would need to be addressed for high pressure systems. The ?smart?? feeders themselves would need a redesign; today they are made of a high grade PVC material and are not rated for extremely high heat or pressure.How Big Are EcoSafe Smart Feeders?The Smart Release feeders that we use to administer the EcoSafe water treatment chemical are only 9 inches wide and they do not require containment. Even once the valves are installed; it only increases the width to 11 inches. The feeders come in three different sizes depending on the amount of water that needs to be treated within a 30-day period. Small, medium, and large feeders are 21 inches, 34 inches and 49 inches tall respectively. In general, an EcoSafe water treatment system powered by Smart Release? is typically 1/3 of the size of traditional liquid water treatment feed station. This makes it the perfect choice for treating cooling systems that have mechanical rooms with very limited space, or for a pre-fabricated chiller plant that sometimes has very limited room for water treatment. If you are considering installing or have recently installed an Epsilon pre-fabricated chiller plant, EcoSafe may be the perfect solution for your water treatment program. Depending on the layout of your plant, water treatment for the Epsilon prefabricated chiller plant may need to occupy a very small footprint.Want to Learn More About Smart Release Technology?If you are a water treatment professional, or someone with water treatment experience, the benefits of using Smart Release presents probably sounds pretty good to you. If you run a facility with a cooling tower and would like more information about EcoSafe and Smart Release, or would like to know if EcoSafe is the right fit for your facility, please download our FREE Report: ?Why Solid Feed Water Treatment is the Future.??Thanks for reading!Click the BLUE Button Below to Download This FREE Report!Related Articles:Is Smart Release Technology Right for Your Cooling Towers? PART 1

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